Morphology modelling

Morphology modelling is a practical method re-interpreting all phenomena of the Universe and creating realistic models of them based on the latest scientific achievements by the application of the rules of morphologic connectibility and the conclusions of system logic.

Empire building by creeping colonization in roman times

A pattern is emerging when one reads the articles on Celtic „wars”, „states” “conquests” and large movements of tribes.

First: Celts are the indigenous people of Europe. They live everywhere except on Mediterranean seashores where seafaring people live in their separate town kingdoms and trade along the shores. Celts live different lifestyles on different geographical territories. They are called (named) after the most characteristic occupation they pursue. Their tools and weapons vary according to their occupation. (Cattle herders, carters, horsemen, woodman, farmer, soldier, etc.) Here they are called Taurisci, Arabisci, or Scordisci, there Scythians, Sarmatians or Iaziges, or farther away Carpodaci, Bastarnae.

Second:  Trading routes of trading people lead across Celtic territories. They establish trading posts in Celtic territory, where they trade with Celts. These are tolerated by the “barbarians” until the merchants accept their rules. Trading posts are then fortified against looters. Then small market towns of local people settle around trading posts. Towns are to be protected by military force which is provided by the traders. Towns are to be governed by local people with regard to the needs of the foreigners too. A mixed society with mixed lifestyle spreads around these towns.

Third: When looting along the trading route continues, the route is protected all along, and considered a border (a navigable river, a pass, etc.). Looters come from the “other side”, whoever lives there, and considered an enemy. Military garrisons and posts are established along the route on the territory of the “friendly” tribes. Military leaders and most of the soldiers come from the people of the merchants. They are not considered enemy, they are “protectors”. Local people still live under the rule of their own leader “king”, but their lifestyle and thinking is somewhat changed.

Fourth: Then the military leader with sufficient force already within the territory of Celts brings in more troops to “punish” the “looters” on the other side. Once that is settled, soldiers stay there, and a protectorate or a province is established. The king becomes a puppet king, the military leader becomes governor. But it is not obvious at first. They both issue their own similar coins.

That pattern is recognizable in every empire, in Pannonia in roman times, in Thrace’s “gradual” Macedonian occupation, and of course in America, where the same thing happened to the American Indians.

Fifth: When the occupation becomes unbearable (usually because of heavy taxes on local people) they rebel against foreign rule. First with their own forces, then when it is not successful they cry for help. They call in all the neighbouring Celtic tribes available, and with them they regain their freedom. From the point of view of the empire Celtic tribes invaded the empire. But on the Celtic side it is liberation. Therefore they live in peace with each other in a “shared” kingdom.

The roman occupation attempt on Celtic Pannonia is a good example of this pattern. Here Atilla and the Huns came for the rescue.

Moon’s true distance and diameter.

Logic and math should work on and with hard data coming from direct experience and empirical measurements of experiments imitating nature’s ways. Nowadays it’s not the case – at least not in Science. Theories are based on other theories, hypotheses and axioms instead of hard data. Axioms are sacred and not to be questioned ever. Devices are constructed to verify theories instead of finding the truth. Other devices are designed on false relations of faulty theories and hypotheses. Common sense and good old geometry would provide good methods, devices and evidence, but they are completely neglected, though they are still superior to hypotheses. We are going to prove it in the following case: on Moon’s real distance from Earth and the true diameter of the Moon. Read more »

The Truth Behind Moon’s Gravity. The Hammer and Feather Drop Experiment

With this short writing we  start a series under the title The Truth Behind in which we want to demonstrate the truth behind some of the scientific predictions. In this first writing we are going to demonstrate – via the Hammer and Feather Drop Experiment – that Moon’s gravity is far greater than predicted. Read more »

„Az” után

 – Emlékszel, – fordultam Thomashoz – volt akkoriban egy szobatudós, aki sokat szerepelt a TV-ben. Az olyan – felelősségteljes riporter kérdez, felkészült szakértő válaszol – típusú műsorokban. Tudod, arra a fazonra gondolok – a neve nem jut eszembe -, akit a Fukushima eset kommunikálására dobtak be. Neki kellett lecsillapítania a kedélyeket. Nehogy begyűrűzzön az elharapódzó atomellenesség hozzánk is. Jóképű volt, és jól is beszélt. Alig látszott rajta, hogy tudja: csak mellébeszél. Lehettek neki némi színészi hajlamai is. Hazudni ugyanis ártatlan, tágra nyílt szemekkel tudott. Szerintem, a végén maga is elhitte, amit másokkal akart elhitetni. Read more »

A Goldman hold

Goldman meglehetősen furcsán érezte magát. Egyszerűen nem tudta, hogy most mit kellene tennie. Ott lebegett az űrállomás mellett, három méterre az ormótlannak és esetlennek érzett űrruhában, amibe úgy szuszakolták bele, mint egy heringet a nem rá szabott méretű dobozba. Legalábbis ő úgy érezte. Ettől bábnak, tehetetlennek és kiszolgáltatottnak érezte magát, és ezt nem szerette. Nagyon nem szerette! Hozzá volt szokva, hogy körülötte mindenki és minden neki engedelmeskedik. Read more »

Morphologic modelling of atomic nuclei and molecules


Introduction to the method of morphology modelling

The morphology modelling is a practical method that makes accessible the invisible and manageable the inaccessible. Although this might sound unbelievable but that is literally the case because it can be proved in practice. Whoever has seen the small scale model of an object or a house actually saw theresult of true to life modelling. That is what morphology modelling does in the other direction, produces the large scale models of atoms and molecules by using the rules and connections of morphologic compatibility. In Mother Nature there are no misfits or square pegs in round holes. Everything is compatible or if not, than nonexistent. This recognition makes morphology and modelling a true mirror to reality. Read more »

New Millenium, New Conception

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